Question Time – Christopher Wayne, creator, comedian and magician

The creator and co star of the Las Vegas smash hit The Naked Magicians, as well as the family friendly Showmen! Magic Spectacular! Christopher Wayne steps up to answer InQueensland’s 10 Questions.

Jan 25, 2024, updated Jan 25, 2024

If you could go back to work in a completely job for 2024, what would it be?
I would want to work in a video store…I always romanticised the simplicity of that world. I guess that video stores would have to exist for that to happen.

What is your most vivid Christmas memory?
Every Christmas Eve growing up, our parents insisted on reading “Twas the night before Christmas” to us…even when we were significantly too old for it.

Who is someone to watch in 2024?
Me.  Always.

Do you have any Christmas/New Year traditions that are funny or unusual
I will turn 40 in March, and I’m excited to enter it in the best physical and mental state of my life.

Do you prefer a hot or cold Christmas lunch?
Hot. Cold lunches are the devils food.

Crystal ball: What is your big prediction for 2024?
My prediction is that people will keep whinging.

Any questions of your own? Who would you like to ask something of and what is it?
Gym crush, if you are reading this….Dinner next week?

Should we expect El Nino or La Nina next year?
I haven’t listened to either of their albums (come on, that’s funny).

Do you have a New Year’s resolution?
To keep creating amazing, commercial shows for real audiences.

Anybody you don’t wish to bump into in 2024?
This question implies I want to bump everyone.

What is your biggest dream for 2024?
Making shows for people is my dream, performing for people is my dream. So my dream is that that continues.

What is your biggest fear for 2024
Not getting enough sleep!


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