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At InQueensland, we are committed to providing our readers with insightful, accurate, and unbiased reporting on local news, politics, culture, and events that matter most to the people of Queensland. We believe in the power of journalism to inform, inspire, and empower communities, and we rely on the support of readers like you to continue our important work.

By donating to InQueensland you are helping to ensure Queenslanders have access to high-quality, independent news and analysis. Your contribution will help us to cover the costs of reporting, researching, and publishing stories that hold those in power to account, shine a light on important issues, and celebrate the diverse voices and experiences that make Queensland unique.

Why Support InQueensland?

  • Independent and unbiased reporting: We are not beholden to anyone. Our journalists are committed to telling the truth, no matter where it leads.
  • Local focus: We are dedicated to covering the stories that matter the most to Queenslanders.
  • Transparency: We believe in transparency in our reporting and in our operations. Your donations will be used responsibly to maintain the highest standards of integrity.

How You Can Help

Your support is vital to our continued success. Here are a few ways you can help:

  • Make a donation: Every contribution, no matter how small, makes a difference. You can make a one-time donation or become a monthly supporter.
  • Spread the word: Share with your friends, family, and social networks. Help us reach more people who believe in the importance of independent journalism.
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Support independent journalism in Queensland by making a donation to InQueensland today. Together, we can ensure that the voices of Queenslanders are heard and that our communities are informed, engaged, and empowered.

Thank you for your support.


Peter Atkinson, Publisher

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