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About InQueensland

InQueensland provides our state’s only truly independent, high-quality news service – freely available to all Queenslanders.

We deliver balanced, thoughtful public interest journalism, created by some of the state’s most respected writers across business, politics, arts and culture. Our insightful, credible coverage reflects the issues and achievements that matter to every Queenslander. No paywalls, no clickbait and no agendas.

With a rich, informative website, InQueensland also engages its readers via a daily email newsletter, sent directly to subscribers with a menu of the top stories affecting our state. It’s the easiest way to stay in touch via web, mobile or tablet.

InQueensland Media was formed by Solstice Media.

Standards and accountability

InQueensland is bound by its own editorial guidelines (see below) and editorial charter (Editorial Charter) and the Standards of Practice of the Australian Press Council. If you believe the Standards may have been breached, you may approach InQueensland directly (email the editor at [email protected]) or contact the Council by email ([email protected]) or by phone ([02] 92611930). For further information see


Subscribers can submit all complaints or give feedback to the Office Support email address supplied on the website contact page ([email protected]).  This is the preferred channel for complaints.  All complaints will be acknowledged.

If the complaint is about a specific article, subscribers submit a complaint as a comment on the article at the above email address. If subscribers wish to have their complaint treated as a comment for publication, it should be marked “For Publication Consideration”.

If an action is required a response will be given within three working days.

All complaints about articles and other editorial content will be handed on to the editor for response.

The editor will investigate the complaint and determine if a correction to the article or any other response is appropriate.

Depending on the content of the complaint, the editor may hand it on to the author or a section editor.

Replies to complaints are at the editor’s discretion and are not guaranteed.

As above, In Queensland Media – the publisher of InQueensland – is a member of the Australian Press Council and complaints can be made direct to the council for peer review.

Editorial guidelines

  • In Queensland will adhere to the highest standards of accuracy, fairness, and balance.
  • Its journalists and editors will at all times act ethically and report fairly, honestly and objectively.
  • They will embrace the MEAA Journalist Code of Ethics which requires journalists to always strive for accuracy, fairness and disclosure of all essential facts.
  • They will not suppress or distort relevant available facts.
  • Where possible, they will gather and report all sides of the story even-handedly.
  • As a member of the Australian Press Council, ​In Queensland Media will embrace the Council’s General and Privacy Principles
  • Moreover, our journalists​ ​will respect privacy and be sensitive to issues of race, gender, religion, nationality, colour, country of origin, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, illness and age.
  • To expand its reporting, ​In Queensland Media ​can enter into publishing agreements with other media organisations, providing those organisations adhere to the same or similar standards of editorial probity and reflect the same or similar values.
  • If ​In Queensland Media​ makes a mistake it will correct the error at the earliest opportunity; if it inadvertently presents an unbalanced account it will seek to redress this at the earliest opportunity. In Queensland Media​ will not publish editorials except in exceptional circumstances.
  • The site will carry opinion and analysis across a wide range of subjects including, from time to time, political matters that are the subject of public debate.
  • These will be identified appropriately as analysis or opinion and the author tagline shall include any information deemed by the editor as relevant to readers in assessing the merit of that opinion or analysis.
  • Senior editorial executives will at all times make decisions that reflect the spirit of the editorial charter.
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