Question Time – Kay Tommerup of Tommerup’s Dairy Farm

Kay Tommerup of Tommerup’s Diary Farm steps up to answer InQueensland’s 10 questions for your summer reading.

Jan 19, 2024, updated Jan 19, 2024

What was the highlight of 2023 for you? 
Our son, Harry, coming back to work on the farm with us.

If you could have done something differently last year, what would it be and why? 
No regrets. Don’t go back, only move forward. Every experience is something to learn from.

Who is someone to watch for in 2024? 
The farmers and producers of the Scenic Rim! We’ve got big plans for 2024, and we’re throwing those farm gates open to invite you in.

What is your most vivid memory of the festive holidays? 
Dad would buy a crate of Kirks soft drinks – the only time of year we had soft drink. And a big box of Arnott’s Family Assorted was given to our family every Christmas by my aunt and uncle. We couldn’t afford such luxuries so when this gift arrived, my 5 brothers made short work of devouring it.

Do you have any unique or funny holiday traditions? 
Our dead branch Christmas tree has been a tradition with our kids since they were little. Every year, the four of us, and the Jack Russell crew pile into the farm buggy and head out into the farm paddocks to find an interesting branch for our Christmas tree. Usually it’s a dead one, sometimes we really go wild and cut one off a tree  It’s got to be gnarly and interesting. It’s always done in a screaming hurry, late in the evening when it’s cooler and we’re fighting to beat the fading light. Almost always just a day or two before Christmas because life is too hectic before that to get it done. We put it in our old dairy cream can and decorate it with special trinkets we’ve found or been gifted by special friends over the years (farm animal decorations). We try to wrangle seven Jack Russells to sit nicely under the tree so we can take our annual Christmas photo. Hours of enjoyment!

What’s your New Year’s resolution for 2024? 
Not work so hard!!

If you could have anyone from any time period attend your Christmas lunch, who would you choose? 
My mum

Coastal holiday or city holiday? 
Farm holiday all the way.

What are you looking forward to in 2024? 
A good season on the farm

Do you have a summer book or podcast you can recommend?
Anything about overcoming challenges!

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