Question Time – Manuele Erriu, Bacchus Chef de Cuisine

Bacchus Chef de Cuisine, Manuele Erriu steps up to answer InQueensland’s 10 questions for your summer reading.

Jan 24, 2024, updated Jan 24, 2024

If you could go back to work in a completely job for 2024, what would it be?
I’d choose to be an actor because it was a childhood dream. I love the idea of becoming different person, telling stories and being a part of something larger that lasts forever.

Your most vivid Christmas memory
When I reunited with my family after seven years apart. We celebrated with a very traditional big lunch on Christmas Day and a festive dinner for Christmas Eve.

Someone to watch in 2024
My good friend, predecessor and Bacchus alum Isaia Dal Fiume who’s set to take on a new culinary challenge in 2024.

Do you have any Christmas/New Year traditions that are funny or unusual
It may seem unusual here in Australia, but back home in Italy we eat lentils and grapes as a new year’s eve tradition to bring luck and prosperity.

Hot Christmas lunch or cold?
Hot Christmas Lunch as a tradition. Even while living in the Brisbane Summer I can’t go past the roasts and hot sides.

Crystal ball: Your big prediction for 2024
Roma wins the Europa League!

Any questions of your own? Who would you like to ask something of and what is it?
My grandfather – I’d like to hear about his experience in the 60’s and the Italian revolution.

Do you have a New Year’s resolution?
To travel more! I hope to experience more of Asia & South America, the cultures and the cuisines. Travel helps me view dishes and ingredients in a different way.

Anybody you don’t wish to bump into in 2024
Absolutely not.

Biggest dream for 2024
For me – to continue doing what I love, creating new dishes and helping people make happy memories. For the world – a lot less conflict.

Biggest fear for 2024
More extreme weather events and the negative impact they can have on agriculture, tourism and our day to day lives.

What are the trending flavours for 2024 in your opinion?
Simple clean flavours – heirloom  tomatoes, young cheeses, bright herbs and sweet fruits. A continued focus on fresh local produce from the best growing regions in Australia.

Will you get staying up to greet the new year?
Of course! I’ll be working our dinner service and hopefully joining our guests for something sparkling to welcome 2024!

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