Australia’s ‘greenest’ home can be heated by a hair dryer

Toowoomba’s first ‘passive house’ has been sold for $630,000 and is changing the future of sustainable housing in Australia.

Sep 19, 2022, updated Sep 19, 2022

In what is a relatively new concept to Australia, the ‘passive home’ promises cheaper energy bills, more comfort, cleaner air and the perfect temperature all year round.

Sold by Richard Cocozza and David Johnson from Upside Real Estate and built by Scott and Madonna Stewart of Titanium Homes, 16 Sorrento Drive is a net zero home, which according to Cocozza and Johnson is the future for property in Australia.

This iconic home is the first of its kind to be sold in Queensland and believed to be the first passive house plus to be sold in Australia.

“The passive house has been popular in Europe for a while, but the word is starting to get around about them in Australia,” said Johnson.

“With the current price of living, people want a home that is energy efficient yet still comfortable.”

Built with a thick layer of insulation in the walls and floors and double-glazed windows, the home is 150 times more airtight than your typical home and manages the temperature throughout the home naturally.

This new eco-friendly property ensures up to 90 per cent of energy savings and can even be heated up by a hair dryer in less than 20 minutes.

“We gain or lose so much heat in our homes, but passive homes have a special wrap which ensures no air leaks, and a heat recovery ventilation system which filters the air and manages the humidity,” he said.

“All the extra heat from say using a hair dryer or taking a hot shower will recirculate around the house and heat it up, and on a hot day will take the heat out.”

The home can even help those with allergies and asthma, thanks to the air filtration.

“People really like it, having a home which saves them money and is great for your health,” Johnson said.

“It puts money back onto the grid.”

Cocozza said with so many Australians focused on the mitigation of climate change, the sale of this home received a lot of interest from the public.

“Of the people interested in the property, 50 per cent wanted to learn more about a passive house and 50 per cent were genuine buyers,” he said.

“We had multiple offers and all of them had a keen interest in the environmental aspect of the home.”

Occupying just 327 sqm, the home has four bedrooms, two bathrooms and two car spaces and was sold for a street record.

“It’s on a very small block, so it certainly punches above its weight,” said Johnson.

“To build a passive house you are looking at 10 to 15 per cent more at the building stage, but it will gain you so much in savings.”


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