Meet the Currumbin eco-friendly village creating a more sustainable future

Currumbin Valley’s The Ecovillage marks a world-first in conscious living. Nearly two decades after opening, it continues to forge a more sustainable future for Gold Coast.

Apr 19, 2024, updated Apr 19, 2024
Source: The Global Ecovillage Network

Source: The Global Ecovillage Network

Nestled in the heart of the Gold Coast hinterland, this residential village is home to more than 450 residents and 140 homes across its notable 270-acre site. The thriving community might be backdropped by the idyllic views of Currumbin Valley but it’s tackling the threat of global environmental crisis head on.

While environmentally conscious families had been calling Currumbin home for decades, the first homes of The Ecovillage weren’t completed until 2006.

First conceived by a group of friends in the 1990s, the project was born out of the mission to establish a modern quality of life – in line with the World’s Best Practice in Ecologically Sustainable Development.

Today, the community is the most awarded estate in Australia with over 33 accolades, including “The World’s Best Environmental Development” (FIABCI Prix D’Excellence Award 2008).

Through the collaboration of indigenous groups, residents, stakeholder groups, referral agencies and the general public, The Ecovillage has become a benchmark in ecologically sustainable development.

The Ecovillage is made up of 80-percent open-space and 50-percent environmental reserve, featuring a range of environmental amenities which benefit both the residents and the earth.

All homes must be meticulously designed to meet specific building codes to ensure they can maintain the sustainability standard, whilst also reducing on-going operating costs through the use of the community’s water and electricity systems.

The Ecovillage is entirely solar powered, so its residents have practically no electricity bills. It’s also the only housing development of its size in Australia to voluntarily disconnect from the City’s water supply.

Each home is 100% self-sufficient for water through a rainwater collection system and dedicated on-site wastewater recycling.

Homes have been efficiently designed with the goal of improving the quality of life for occupants. Floor-plans are socially-oriented to foster family connection whilst innovative sustainability strategies are employed to maximise passive heating and cooling and the home’s overall function.

This focus on quality of life has extended to The Ecovillage’s on-site facilities which support and empower its local community.

Local food production is encouraged through the addition of edible landscaping and household gardens. Greenways between homes also contain some food production whilst one shared garden is used by OzHarvest.

The community also offers over 20 different types of facilities, such as a community hall, kitchen, large pizza oven, Bali huts, ball court, playgrounds, oval and cafe.

Even, comprehensive traffic saving strategies are used on-site to reduce vehicle impacts and streamline the living experience.

Preservation is also a priority –  with natural landforms and species rehabilitation taking place to support the site’s environmental integrity. The use of wildlife corridors has helped rehabilitate the area with over 188 different bird species being counted in the community.

The Ecovillage continues to put Gold Coast at the forefront of Australia’s sustainable living movement with its world-class systems positively impacting the wider region and beyond.

Projects such as these are ensuring a more prosperous future for the Gold Coast – not just for the environment, but for its people as well.

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