How Challenge DV is battling domestic violence through workplace programs

Challenge DV is a Brisbane social enterprise on a mission to put an end to domestic and family violence. For over 25 years, they have been delivering an array of community initiatives designed to drive awareness and action on the public health, safety and justice issue that has impacted over 3.6 million Australians. With workplace programs a core pillar in their prevention work, here’s how they are making a change one workplace at a time.


Apr 17, 2024, updated Apr 18, 2024

Given the name, it’s easy to assume that domestic violence only happens at home. But the reality is the real cost extends beyond closed doors, affecting how people show up in their communities and at work.

The impact of domestic violence is costing our businesses billions a year in lost productivity, with Challenge DV estimating that about two-thirds of people living with abuse are in the workforce.

For some people experiencing domestic violence, their place of employment may be the only place where they feel safe. That’s why a cornerstone of Challenge DV’s work involves teaming up with workplaces around Brisbane, big and small, to teach life-saving information on navigating crisis support.

Designed to empower leaders and staff through education, the workshops deliver critical knowledge, resources and tools on how to recognise the signs of violence, respond when someone is impacted and offer referral support, as well as embedding a safe and supportive culture.

While it’s a legal obligation to create a safe workplace for all, Challenge DV empowers companies, whether they be government, corporate or private) to be part of the solution and contribute to real societal change.

They do this through tailored group training, policy development, online courses and consulting, delivered by a stable of experienced, qualified and committed facilitators.

Challenge DV is also proud to be a White Ribbon Australia Approved Training Partner for companies taking part in White Ribbon Australia’s Workplace Accreditation Program.

Flying the flag for a violence-free future, Challenge DV CEO Keith Tracey-Patte says workplaces have an important role to play in addressing domestic and family violence.

“By creating a positive, inclusive and respectful workplace culture, where employees feel valued and have access to the support they need, companies can have a huge impact on the quality of life of those experiencing abuse – creating light in a challenging situation and supporting them in their journey to safety.”

On a broader scale, Keith says “changing the behaviours of people in our workplaces and peer groups can create a snowball effect that shifts the attitudes of what is and isn’t acceptable over time – creating lasting change that ultimately loosens the grip of violence in our communities”.

Since 2021, Challenge DV has worked with 61 companies, delivering 888 face-to-face or virtual sessions and providing over 175,00 individuals with their market-leading eLearning.

With engagement spanning diverse industries from aged care and education to mining and utilities, their workplace programs are open to anyone eager to get involved. Want to play your part in the fight against abuse? Learn more about Challenge DV’s workplace programs here.

Join Challenge DV’s annual Darkness to Daylight to take a stand against domestic violence and honour lives lost at the hands of abuse. Funds raised go towards facilitating Challenge DV’s critical prevention work, including their powerful workplace programs.







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