Breaking out of the darkness for violence-free future – without breaking a sweat

The top four ways you can support Challenge DV’s Darkness to Daylight event – no trainers necessary.

Apr 10, 2024, updated Apr 10, 2024

Darkness to Daylight is back for another year this May, challenging Brisbanites to a 110-km run in memory of the lives lost to domestic violence. While Challenge DV is also hosting 3-km and 10-km events as well, don’t sweat it if this physical challenge isn’t in your wheelhouse. There are plenty of ways to get involved with Darkness to Daylight from the sidelines and help spark change in your community. Here are the top four ways you can support Darkness to Daylight – no trainers necessary.

Workplace training
While the name might suggest domestic violence is a home issue, its real cost extends to the wider community. The effect of domestic violence is costing our businesses billions a year in lost productivity, with Challenge DV estimating that about two-thirds of people living with abuse are in the workforce.

That’s why a core tenor of Challenge DV’s operation is workplace training workshops. Designed to help communities navigate crisis support, the workshops teach life-saving information on the signs of violence, safe and respectful responses, and where to find support. Call upon your workplace to adopt this training. Find out more about these programs here.

Support a domestic violence organisation
Darkness to Daylight aims to bring the issue of domestic violence out of the darkness and into the daylight. By donating or volunteering your time, you can help Challenge DV to make this a reality. The overnight event might be headlined by its 110-km run, but Challenge DV still hosts shorter events on May 30 that are a perfect way to get involved without such a major commitment.

Every year, the 3-km and 10-km events are filled with energy, support and passion as the community comes together against this common cause. Get a crew together, find a leisurely pace and volunteer an hour or two to raise awareness and reflect.

Model relationships free from fear
Challenge DV wants to create generational change through its work – and young people play a major role in realising a domestic-violence-free future. A simple yet powerful way to support Challenge DV is to consider your own relationships and provide a positive example to young people in your life of healthy, respectful relationships.

Advocate for government prevention
Challenge DV helps arm the community with the knowledge and resources – but real change is going to take more than that.

Government support at all levels can help drive more action and fund real prevention of domestic violence on a systemic level. Challenge DV recommends educating yourself on how your local, state and federal government is responding to this crisis – and advocating for more powerful change.

Secure your ticket to Darkness to Daylight now. You can learn more about Challenge DV via its website.

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