These Gold Coast organisations are tackling mental health head on

Meet the charity crusader and the entrepreneur fighting to create gentler men in the battle against Australia’s mental health epidemic. 

Mar 07, 2024, updated Mar 07, 2024
Move it or lose it: two Gold Coast organisations promoting physical health as the key to mental health

Move it or lose it: two Gold Coast organisations promoting physical health as the key to mental health

He’s the smiling face behind a mental health charity that proactively promotes physical activity to prevent depression, but 10 years ago Brock Day’s world crumbled when he lost his father, Robert, to suicide. 

Brock, then 22, turned to exercise to help slay the Black Dog and the grief that accompanied his loss.

Now, this Gold Coaster has channelled that loss into Sana Days – a fitness-focused business that promotes physical activity and wellbeing as a tool to managing mental health.

Sana Days joins a movement of businesses and communities, seeking to change the stark reality of men’s mental health in Australia. Currently men represent around 75 per cent of those who take their own lives. 

Sana Days and approaches like the 30-day challenge from Gold Coast-based skincare company The Gentlemen aim to tackle this issue from the root. 

These organisations have looked at the circumstances that contribute to these statistics and provide accessible and simple daily strategies to change them.

“It doesn’t have to be massive. It’s taking those smaller steps that get you going in the right direction” said Day. 

Sana Days celebrates the power of exercise and is dedicated to strengthening the relationship between physical health and mental health.

“I did team training with Beyond Blue and that pointed out the connection between mental health and exercise.

Brock Day centre and Sana Days devotees

“But I was looking around and there wasn’t a specific charity related to physical activity and mental health.”

More than half of Australian adults do not meet recommended physical activity levels, with 15 per cent not exercising at all. However, inactive men have a 60 per cent higher chance of suffering from depression. Sana Days looks to change this.

On its online platform, men and women can access a like-minded community and a series of events such as weekly run clubs, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast Marathons, the 5K May Challenge and Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge in July.

Moving forward, Day has plans to introduce a wellbeing program, which will focus on six pillars of mental health including physical activity, community, sleep, purpose, nutrition and gratitude.

“I’m trying to bridge the gap between inactive Australians and mental illness. It is trying to find a way to target those that don’t exercise regularly,” he said.

The Gentleman’s 30-day challenge is also based online but is focused on developing new and subtle daily habits that provide long-term coping mechanisms.

“Men’s mental health, in particular, has been a passion of mine. I’ve struggled myself and I know how much pressure we put on ourselves and how we put ourselves last,” Gold Coast businessman and The Gentlemen founder Anthony Bartolo said.

The Gentlemen 30-Day Challenge.

The Gentlemen 30-Day Challenge participants are served daily tasks that help get them closer to a gentler-man version of themselves.
“We’re playing the long game here… We’re doing this bit by bit and day by day; changing old, ingrained habits for better, healthier, and long-lasting ones.”

Made “by blokes for blokes”, the Challenge serves participants a new task each day – from rallying the troops and reaching out to mates to paying for the coffee of the person behind you. Participants can connect via the app with friends and rechannel the Aussie blokes’ competitive and playful spirit into self-care.

Organisations such as these represent the new frontier of men’s health – with a call to arms for Gold Coast men and beyond to prioritise their mental health before it’s too late.

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