Blockbusters and beyond: QSO’s Cinematic is back with timeless scores from the big screen

One of Queensland Symphony Orchestra’s most anticipated concerts of the year is returning to QPAC’s Concert Hall with its biggest line-up yet.

Mar 30, 2023, updated Apr 03, 2023

From May 26 to 27, Cinematic – Blockbusters and Beyond will entertain you with a musical extravaganza of timeless scores from all of your favourite films.

From sci-fi to fantasy, rom-coms to animation and Williams to Zimmer, Cinematic takes you on a journey through the classical music which has underscored some of the greatest movie moments in cinema history.

Returning again to the Cinematic stage will be guest conductor and host Nicholas Buc, whose passion for music and film is ever-present.

Buc says this year’s program includes all of the fan favourites, as well as a few surprises.

“This year we are including a choir for the very first time, which opens up a lot of different music that we can perform,” he said.

“Some of the most iconic pieces of film music feature choral voices, from the delicate ethereal tones of Edward Scissorhands, to the epic Sanskrit chanting heard in The Phantom Menace – and this is the concert where we’re going to showcase them all.

“We’re so thrilled to have the Voices of Birralee along for the ride too!”

From beginning to end, Buc says Cinematic is all about having fun, starting from the very first moment the audience take their seats and lay eyes on a wild and varying display of cosplay from the orchestra.

“We like to take the audience on a bit of a whirlwind tour, with music both new and old, along with giving them some insight into the composers behind the music,” said Buc.

Cinematic’s 2023 program includes immortal music from blockbuster films such as Avatar, The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Up, Beauty and the Beast, Harry Potter and Edward Scissorhands, just to name a few. 

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“I think the scores that seem to last in the memory are the ones that have really ingrained themselves into the overall emotion of the film,” said Buc.

“It could be as simple as a lovely tune that gets attached to a particular relationship (such as in the heartbreaking “Married Life” scene from Pixar’s Up) or a menacing motif associated with a villain, such as the shark from Jaws or the the murderous Norman Bates from Psycho. 

“Some scores will connect with different people for different reasons, but at the end of the day, good music is good music, and that’s what Cinematic is all about – celebrating the very best that film music has to offer.”

While Cinematic is sure to attract a host of orchestral enthusiasts, Buc encourages those who are yet to experience the full force of a live orchestra to come along.

“People sometimes forget that the music we play in Cinematic is probably not the first time they’ve heard orchestral music,” he said.

“This concert gives them a chance to hear it out of context and provides a platform to witness the full power of the QSO in a thrilling way.”

Don’t miss your chance to witness the epic ensemble behind Cinematic – Blockbusters and Beyond at QPAC this May. Head to the QSO website for more information and to secure a ticket. 

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