Free webinar series to unravel 10 hot topics for government lawyers

An award-winning Australian law firm is offering free seminars to lawyers to increase their professional development.

Jul 10, 2020, updated Jul 10, 2020
A new webinar series will focus on 10 key areas of legal challenge. (Photo: Unsplash: Scott Graham).

A new webinar series will focus on 10 key areas of legal challenge. (Photo: Unsplash: Scott Graham).

Gadens, which was recognised as one of Australia’s most innovative law firms for 2019, is offering 10 free webinars at its Government Lawyers Legal Update event.

The event, to be held online from July 20 to July 24, will allow lawyers working in Government Law to increase their professional development.

While the event was established three years ago, this is its first time online and Gadens Partner Lionel Hogg said the uptake so far demonstrates greater interest in the program from previous years.

“Government lawyers [are] Australia-wide, including in regional communities, and the interactive livestream format increases accessibility,” said Hogg.

“The law is the law, but government lawyers must always act in the public interest, so their core skills and needs are different.

“Gadens has a large government practice at federal, state and local levels and we’re very interested to see that their ongoing needs are met.

“The seminar covers a range of matters that they can’t just Google. One of the overarching themes this year is the interaction between public and private interests, which has assumed even more relevance now that COVID has made government that much bigger in our lives.”

Gadens has identified ten current areas of legal challenge faced specifically by government lawyers based on its own experiences. Lawyers can sign up for any one of the following webcasts, being livestreamed around lunchtime through the week.

Government lawyers will also be able to gain their annual complement of CPD points by signing up to the following one-hour sessions, being run two a day during the week:

Picking winners – state support for target businesses
Discussing the challenges of facilitating new businesses and some structural options for improved outcomes, with probity and effectiveness.

Anatomy of an ICT project
Addressing the optimal framing of a public sector IT project at inception, management of critical risks, and symptoms of a project in distress, demonstrating the logical interaction of project management and practical independent advice.

The butterfly effect – insolvency, class actions and government
Providing a practical road map for anti-corruption investigations from inception to conclusion, including necessary actions following a complaint, assessment of complaints, investigative powers, what constitutes a public interest disclosure, and whistle blower protection

Public sector whistleblowing: vaccine or epidemic
Providing a participants with a practical road map for anti-corruption investigations, addressing the new normal of public sector whistleblowing and associated corruption complaints.

Misleading regulatory guidance – can (or must) I rely on what you tell me?
Addressing the increasing complexities of rules offered by governments and the consequences that pertain when governments get it wrong.

Climbing ladders, avoiding snakes and using your own dice – internal investigations
Offering guidance for public entities conducting internal investigations.

Navigating the infrastructure landscape for effective major project negotiations
Drawing on experience at the frontline of significant project infrastructure negotiations, with important lessons for government about approaches to indemnities, insurance, damages, force majeure and other risk-defining contractual provisions.

The ten cases
A survey of 10 important cases over the last year, covering constitutional, administrative, private law, governance and enforcement issues, and what they mean for government.

Contracts in an online world
Examining key legal issues contracting parties should keep front of mind when transitioning from paper to an online environment.

The ethics of public sector decision-making
Refreshing and updating Gadens’ popular 2018 presentation, focusing on the unique ethical duties of government lawyers that transcend model litigant obligations and the duties of private sector lawyers

For more information or to register for Gadens’ Government Lawyer Legal Update 2020 webinars click here.

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