Not the brightest: Trump takes a swing at ‘nasty’ ambassador Kevin Rudd

Former leader of the free world Donald Trump has lashed out at former prime minister Kevin Rudd, characterising him as “not the brightest bulb”.

Mar 20, 2024, updated Mar 20, 2024
Kevin Rudd is 'a little bit nasty', according to President Donald Trump.  (Photo: ABC)

Kevin Rudd is 'a little bit nasty', according to President Donald Trump. (Photo: ABC)

In an interview with former far right British politician Nigel Farage on London’s GB News channel, the second-time presidential hopeful responded to years-old comments made by Mr Rudd.

Prior to his appointment as US ambassador, Australia’s 26th prime minister was a vocal critic of the Republican president, calling Mr Trump a “traitor to the west” and “the most destructive president in history” who “drags America and democracy through the mud”.

Mr Trump has now returned fire, issuing a warning to Mr Rudd.

“I don’t know much about him, I heard he was a little bit nasty,” told Mr Farage.

“I hear he’s not the brightest bulb … if he’s at all hostile, he will not be there long.”

The US presidential election in November is expected to be a rematch between Democrat President Joe Biden and Mr Trump.

Mr Biden’s approval rating has continued to slip and his chances of a second term hang in the balance.

Deputy Opposition Leader Sussan Ley said politicians should wait for the outcome of the election and avoid commenting on other country’s domestic political situations.

“I’m not going to make commentary on what might transpire … I think people in this government now might be wondering why they made the comments they did at the time,” she told Sky News.

“Kevin Rudd is our ambassador, we do want him to succeed because he represents the national interest.”

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