Savage dog owners face time behind bars after new Queensland crackdown

Dog owners will be held criminally responsible for the actions of their animal, including facing jail time, as Queensland cracks down on dangerous breeds following a spate of attacks.

Apr 19, 2024, updated Apr 19, 2024
Queensland police have announced a crackdown on dangerous dogs. (Image: AAP)

Queensland police have announced a crackdown on dangerous dogs. (Image: AAP)

Irresponsible owners of dogs that attack and cause serious injury or death can now face up to three years in jail after tough laws passed state parliament on Thursday

The maximum fines for failing to take reasonable steps to ensure a dog does not attack will double to more than $92,000.

Owners of a dog that kills or seriously injures a person could spend up to three years in jail with maximum fines increased up to $108,000.

Dog owners in Queensland previously faced maximum potential fines of up to $45,000.

Five dog breeds – the Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro, Japanese Tosa, American pit bull terrier and the Presa Canario – have all been banned.

A spate of serious attacks last year including incidents involving children and a fatal dog attack on a meter reader saw the government vow to take action.

A $7.57 million funding package will support the changes to provide more coordinated, consistent and effective government action in response to dog attacks.

The funding will also include a community education and awareness campaign rolled out over three years to build responsible dog ownership, prevent dog attacks, and reduce the risk of harm from dog attacks, the government said.

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