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Apr 18, 2024, updated Apr 18, 2024

Four years ago we launched an ambitious, but much-needed, new source of news and information for the Queensland market.

InQueensland’s goal was clear – to bring quality, public-interest journalism into the homes of readers looking for balance, insight and honesty in their media. And to deliver it, with open access, to every Queenslander.

The recipe? Hand-pick some of Queensland’s most respected journalists across pillars such as Business, Politics, News, Arts and Culture and set them loose on the stories and backstories that matter to Queensland.

Now, four years down the track, InQueensland has grown and evolved into a news source of which Queenslanders can be, and are, rightly proud.

We’ve broken many stories and given the full picture on many more. We’ve respected our readers by not shouting at them or telling them what to think. Plus, we don’t believe in paywalls keeping important news and information away from Queenslanders – and that will never change.

The market has voted with its feet. With a devoted subscriber base, plus thousands more readers who share InQueensland with family members or discuss its journalism over the dinner table, InQueensland continues to grow.

We’ve been joined on this journey by our colleagues at The Weekend Edition – whose coverage of local lifestyle, food and entertainment is unrivalled – complementing InQueensland’s important Monday-to-Friday news coverage.

We’ve also launched InReview, an independent, expertly written review of arts and culture throughout our state, funded by donors who have welcomed this new source of news, features and critical review.

We know our readers appreciate our balanced, unbiased mix of news, politics, arts and culture, because they tell us every day.

Now, if you value our service and would like to see more of it, there is a way you can help.

From today, we are inviting readers to support our work, should you wish to do so. We’ve joined with Press Patron – a company that wants to make high quality journalism more sustainable – to make the process simple and secure. Just click on the link at the top of this page or at the bottom of one of our stories.

All funds we receive from supporters will be directed into local journalism on the InQueensland site.

By making a small donation – or a larger pledge if you like – you can help ensure that independent, quality, public-interest journalism remains strong in Queensland. That we can continue to employ the best journalists, experts and commentators in our great state.

We have become aware that many people in the community would like to support what we do, Queenslanders who wanted to see a local alternative to the Murdoch newspaper monopoly. And, of course, as journalists we want to do more to serve our readers – more investigations, deeper and sharper analysis, more stories from every corner of our community.

As Editor and Publisher of InQueensland I’ve been gratified by the loyalty of our regular long-term readers and the many thousands of newer readers who have come to us looking for an alternative voice.

I’m very proud of our small team of reporters who do their work with integrity and courage.

With your support, we can take this project to a new level.

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