Police release dramatic images of bikie murder: 21 shots fired in seconds

Queensland Police have released more vision leading up to the murder of bikie gang defector Shane Bowden on the Gold Coast.

Jul 01, 2021, updated Jul 01, 2021
Footage shows the two killers entering Shane Bowden's garage after he arrived home (Image: Supplied, Qld Police)

Footage shows the two killers entering Shane Bowden's garage after he arrived home (Image: Supplied, Qld Police)

CCTV from Bowden’s unit complex at Pimpana shows him driving into a garage unit last October as two offenders trailed from behind.

The two offenders, one carrying a long firearm, can be seen running from nearby vacant land and rushing the car as he parked, before unloading a flurry of bullets.

A total of 21 rounds were fired at Bowden, with 19 from a machine pistol and two from a shotgun before the offenders ran back to a waiting silver commodore and fled.

Detectives and homicide investigators are without doubt the Mongols gang orchestrated the execution of Bowden as he sat in his BMW.

Detective Superintendent Brendan Smith says police have sufficient evidence and are very close to finding the perpetrators.

“We think we’ve got sufficient (evidence) in some respects, so we now just want a little bit more from the community,” he said on Thursday.

“We also want those members who are on the fringe of this offence to understand how much we do have, it’s going too late when we knock on the door and arrest them.”

He also rubbished the notion of brotherhoods within criminal biker gangs and expects members to come forward to save their livelihoods.

“Don’t be fooled by this rubbish around club loyalty,” he said.

“Experience shows they give each other up at the drop of a hat for their own gain.

“These clubs are driven by greed, there’s no other way to describe it, there’s no brotherhood, it’s rubbish. They’re crime gangs.”

Last month police issued a $250,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of the offenders, and an indemnity from prosecution for the first accomplice that comes forward.

Bowden was 48 when he died and was initially a member of the Finks criminal biker gang, part of its “terror team” jailed over the Gold Coast’s so-called ballroom blitz brawl in which three people were shot and two stabbed in 2006.

After his release, he defected to the Mongols but was booted out and rejoined the Finks just before he was killed.

In June, police released vision of Mongols members spying on Bowden and his home, and even fitting an electronic tracker to the underside of his car so they would always know where he was.

They then released further footage, this time of two heavy-set men with tattooed forearms loading cans of fuel into a hire car.

These men have been identified as Mongols associates and police believe that fuel was later used to torch the Ford Falcon and the Holden Commodore used as getaway cars after the execution.

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