Public servants win paid parental leave, regardless of gender

The Queensland Government has issued a directive to provide families with flexibility to care for a baby in the manner that works for them.

Sep 21, 2020, updated Sep 21, 2020

The new directive allows an eligible public service employee to access any of the 14-week entitlement to paid maternity leave, which has not been used by that employee’s spouse.

The employee seeking long spousal leave must meet the same eligibility requirements, and be the primary care giver for the child at the time the long spousal leave is taken.

“Having a child is one of life’s truly great moments,” said Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace.

“We believe that all parents should have access to leave when they are the primary caregiver, irrespective of their gender.”

The directive replaces a 2018 version and was gazetted on Friday.

“The revised directive now provides for ‘long spousal leave’ so a parent can share birth related leave as the primary care giver up to the child’s first birthday,” Grace said.

“This provides the opportunity for families to choose the arrangements that best suit them and their career circumstances.

“These changes were developed in consultation with the public sector unions and workers. They provide gender equitable access to paid parental leave, build upon the other well-established provisions in the directive and operate in concert with the NES (National Employment Standards) and QES (Queensland Employment Standards).”

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