Southern Cross Soloists’ final concert in its QPAC Concert Series White Nights

A Company in Residence at QPAC since 2009, Southern Cross Soloists’ (SXS) delivered its 13th QPAC Concert Series in 2022 and marked 27 years of excellence in music making.

1/29Adelle Yates and Linda Moran
2/29Vladimir Kecic, Kristina, Andriana, Kristian
3/29Tiana Solano, Nigel Gaynor and Dan Le
4/29Tania Frazer and Kiri Schneideman
5/29Steve and Sandy Venn-Brown
6/29Russian support group with Konstantin Shamray and James Wannan
7/29Roger Cui, Harriet Tienstra, Zhu Yi
8/29Richard and Laurie Slaughter
9/29Ralph Devlin and Lyn Cheetham
10/29Quentin Bryce, Marg O’Donnell, Sophia Stepanoff, Luda Stepanoff
11/29Philip Dubois, Leanda and Alyson Eliott and Erna Lai
12/29Peter Doheny, Monty Stephenson and Buddy Moyes
13/29Mitchell Jones and Jonathan Békés
14/29Michael Jones, Carly Jones and Peter Wieneke
15/29Marion Mcmilan and Marion Pender
16/29Maria and Rachel Matthews, and Jo Ramsey
17/29Malcolm McLennan, Margaret McLennan and Rose Hoffmann
18/29Justin Livingston, Beverly Henderson,Gail Slocombe, Jon Hulett, Susan Hourton & Mary L
19/29Jill and Brian Pauli
20/29Ian Corbett and Helen Corbett
21/29Helen Brereton, Maria Brereton, Jonathon Henderson
22/29Emma Seedell-Greene, Rebecca Seedell and Jason Greene
23/29Elspth Mcdonough, Kerri Kerr, Paul Kerr and Ruari Kerr
24/29Elspeth Mcdonough and Kerri Kerr
25/29Daryll Koch, Heather Koch, Jan Kent, Elizabeth Watson, Rebecca Williams
26/29Craig Estwick, Denise Hewison, Fabian Bryant, Wendy Bryant
27/29Charlotte Miles, Helena Burns, Stevie Maston, Robert Smith, and Nikhil Deo
28/29Beth Charleston and Debra Baril
29/29Annebelle Sandker-Van Grunsven, Sophie Ainsworth, Oliver Muller, David Upcher, Chloe E
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