Institute of Modern Art gala and benefit auction, Calile Hotel

Brisbane’s Institute of Modern Art (IMA) added its artistic touch to The Calile Hotel’s Grand Room for the annual IMA Gala and Benefit Auction on Friday 18 June.

1/25Dale Harding, Natalya Hughes and Savannah Jarvis
2/25Dylan Mooney, Kyra Mancktelow, Jordan Azcune and Lincoln Austin
3/25Levi Smouha and Marcus Watter
4/25Nadelle Fleming and Rachael Sarra
5/25Lachlan McKee and Katelyn Panagiris
6/25Ms and Dr Maher Gandhi
7/25Angus Green, Charlie de Deyne, Hannah You and Jesse-Jack de Deyne
8/25Jade Dyson, Georgia Hogg and Sam Cranstoun
9/25Rachel Crowley, Ursula Sullivan and Joanna Stumpf
10/25Simon de Groot, Romy Willing and Gail Sorronda
11/25Takeshi Takada, Ashleigh Ralph and Ben Lightfoot
12/25Luke Norris, Caitlin Gallagher, Courtney Norris and Massi Ottogalli
13/25Mary Dickinson
14/25Cassie Ellis and Maddison Holmes
15/25Carol McGregor
16/25Angus Green and Charlie de Deyne
17/25Borris Cornelissen and Bayoush Demissie
18/25Corryn Rattray and Marin Van der Klooster
19/25Faran Gouldson and John Hirschfeld
20/25Hannah You and Jesse-Jack de Deyne
21/25Jordan Azcune and Lincoln Austin
22/25Kate Tyszkiewicz and Cam Noble
23/25Katerina Dracopoulos and Caroline Yuen
24/25Lisa Cameron and Kirby Blake
25/25Michele Norris and Brenda Chandler
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