Want a role on a government board? It helps if you’re a woman (from the ALP)

The State Government has revealed 56 appointments to its GOC boards, 30 of whom are women.

Oct 05, 2023, updated Oct 06, 2023
Wayne Swan was reappointed to the Stanwell board (AAP Image/Glenn Hunt)

Wayne Swan was reappointed to the Stanwell board (AAP Image/Glenn Hunt)

The appointments bring the tally of women on its boards to 52 per cent, marginally down on previous levels.

Union officials and former Labor MPs gained or were re-appointed to seats on some of the boards with Vivienne Doogan from the Together Union appointed to Queensland Rail and Queensland Council of Unions general secretary Jacqueline King appointed to CS Energy’s board.

King is also on the Workcover board. Wendy Street, national president of the Finance Sector Union, was appointed to the CleanCo board However, there was a smattering of business executives, public servants and academics who also made the grade.

Deirdre Swan, a former deputy president of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission joined Gladstone Ports and former Perpetual chief investment officer Emilio Gonzalez has joined the QIC board. Former Treasurer Wayne Swan was also re-appointed to the Stanwell Corporation board.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the new and reappointed board members had a very important job ahead of them.

“I’m proud to see so many women taking up more than half of the positions on the Queensland Government-owned business boards,” she said.

“We set ourselves the important task of lifting women’s representation and have since exceeded the targets put in place.

“Congratulations to all those new and continuing members for contributing to a better, brighter Queensland.”

New appointments were:


  • Stephen Davy, Director (new)
  • Helen Stanton, Director (new)
  • Wendy Streets, Director (new)

CS Energy

  • Toni Thornton, Director (reappointment)
  • Maurie Brennan, Director (new)
  • Stephen Harty, Director (new)
  • Jacqueline King, Director (new)


  • Hon. Wayne Swan, Director (reappointment)
  • John Thompson, Director (new)
  • Howard Morrison, Director (new)\

Energy Queensland

  • Mark Algie, Director (reappointment)
  • Sandra Diethelm, Director (new)
  • Teresa Dyson, Director (reappointment)
  • Vaughan Busby, Director (reappointment)


  • Wayne Collins, Director (reappointment)
  • Kev Hegarty OAM, Director (reappointment)
  • Kate Drews, Director (new)
  • Amanda Yeates, Director (new)

Ports North

  • Russell Beer, Chair (reappointment)
  • Rob Giason, Director (reappointment)
  • Donna-Maree O’Connor, Director (new)
  • Margot Richardson, Director (new)
  • Julia Leu, Director (reappointment)
  • Michael Clifford, Director (new)

Gladstone Ports Corporation

  • Grant Cassidy OAM, Director (reappointment)
  • Peta Jamieson, Director (reappointment)
  • Deirdre Swan, Director (new)
  • Annette Woods, Director (new)

North Queensland Bulk Ports

  • Jorgen Gullestrup, Director (new)
  • Paul Heagney, Director (new)
  • Tony Mooney AM, Director (reappointment)
  • Monica McKendry, Director (reappointment)
  • Lynn Smart, Director (reappointment)

Port of Townsville

  • Jody Currie, Director (new)
  • John Lee, Director (new)
  • Connie Navarro, Director (reappointment)
  • David Waters, Director (new)


  • Gillian Brown, Director (reappointment)
  • Emilio Gonzalez, Director (new)


  • Gail Jukes, Director (new)
  • Jane Williams, Director (reappointment)

Queensland Rail

  • David Marchant AM, Chair (reappointment)
  • Stephen Cantwell, Member (reappointment)
  • Michael Goss, Member (reappointment)
  • Loretta Lynch, Member (new)
  • Heather Watson, Member (reappointment)
  • Tracey Winters, Member (reappointment)
  • Vivienne Doogan, Member (new)


  • Neville Ide, Member (new)
  • Gail Ker OAM, Member (reappointment)
  • John McEvoy, Member (reappointment)
  • Catherine Mickel, Member (reappointment)

QTC Capital Markets Board

  • Rosemary Vilgan, Member (reappointment)
  • Dr Natalie Smith, Member (new) 

State Investment Advisory Board

  • Brendan O’Farrell, Member (new)
  • Wendy Tancred, Member (new)


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