Pandemic has changed the way two out of three Queenslanders work

Australians are starting to head back to the office, but 62 per cent of Queenslanders have had their work impacted in some way by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a Roy Morgan survey.

Aug 31, 2020, updated Aug 31, 2020
Women took the brunt of Covid's economic impacts

Women took the brunt of Covid's economic impacts

The survey showed that about 400,000 workers returned to the office across Australia between May and July with 3.9 million people still working from home.

About 620,000 people nationally said they had been made redundant in July, up from 490,000 in May.

There had been a slight increase in the number of people who had increased their work hours in the May July period.

The state that has had the biggest impact on work was Tasmania where 74 per cent of people said they had had a change to their employment because of the pandemic. Victoria was next (71 per cent) and NSW (70 per cent).

Roy Morgan chief executive Michelle Levine said 3.5 million people were looking for work or more work and 10.4 million have had their jobs impacted.

“In addition, 3.2 million working Australians (21 per cent) havae had their working hours reduced, 2.3 million have had their business slow or stop completely and over 1 million have been stood down for a period of time and/or had no work available.”

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