Back to the future as B105 brand returns to Brisbane airwaves

The Hit105 radio station has been killed off with a return of the old B105 brand as its owners detect a shift in Brisbane’s music taste to the music of yesterday.

Jul 27, 2020, updated Jul 27, 2020
B105's ratings-winning breakfast team Stav, Abby and Matt.

B105's ratings-winning breakfast team Stav, Abby and Matt.

Southern Cross Austereo announced the changes this morning as a rebranding and refreshing of the station that won the last ratings survey in Brisbane and its breakfast team Stav, Abby and Stav and Matt winning the past four.

SCA’s Brisbane general manager Will Allen said the time to change was when the station was number one, “not when you are in a hole”.

The station changed from B105 five years ago in a shift to a more national theme along with Sydney’s 2Day, Melbourne’s Fox and Adelaide SAFM, but the move announced today is about being more locally based and “feel good” music.

“It’s the perfect time to be all about Brisbane and to double down on that,” Allen said.

“The Hit Network remains but what we are doing is re-elevating B105. It’s about bringing Brisbane back to the front.

“We are broadening our target. It’s more mood focused, feel great pop music.

“The Hit music format was about playing what’s hottest. This is much more about the songs Brisbane grew up with.”

He said the new music sought out by the under 18 age group had shifted to other formats and what has more relevant for the audience was the songs they were passionate about.

“It’s about mums and daughters (now) as opposed to just the daughters,” Allen said.

“There will still be hip hop because there are people who are familar with that but it will be less abrasive and more fun.”

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