FIRESIDE – official launch of Dine BNE City

Kicking off the month-long journey of tantalising foodie events, that is Dine BNE City, Fireside ignited festivities at the grounds of St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Brisbane’s hottest dining event of the year was a showcase of The City’s culinary excellence with food from Donna Chang, Settimo and Babylon Brisbane and decadent desserts and drinks from Walter’s Steakhouse and Wine Bar and The Gresham Bar.

1/23Anto Oko Sustanto, Chosen Apoloni
2/23Ben Zabel
3/23Brad and Tiarni Cornwill
4/23Crystal Cooke, Helen Thompson, Hannah Corley
5/23Ebony Heinemann, Jake Truter
6/23Emma Craig and Jorjha Unwin
7/23Emma Craig, Jorjha Unwin, Charlie Clarke-Jobs, Alex Hobbs, Jordi Bartlett
8/23Johnny Moubarak
9/23Juliana Lee, Adam Lomsargis, Jessica Low, Jenny Latcham
10/23Juliana Lee, Adam Lomsargis
11/23Kelli Hutchison and Raymon Fagan
12/23Kyla Brose, Samuel Liddell
13/23Kym Woods and Kirby Weston
14/23Lena Cooley, Ellin Toepan
15/23Louise Boyle and Gerard McGuigan
16/23Marissa Bais and Tess Alexander
17/23Mary Dickinson, Anna McGhie, Samantha Wijaya-Hickey
18/23Samantha Wijaya-Hickey & Anna McGhie
19/23Courntey Frank, Nat McGowan, Bianca Licina
20/23Tessa Boersma
21/23Tessa Boersma, Julia Davey
22/23Tessa Boersma, Laura Boersma, Julia Davey, Sammy Howkins
23/23Samantha Howkins and Tessa Boersma
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