Million Dollar Day at B105 Studios

Excitement at B105 as Alphabucks finalists from all over Queensland gathered in Brisbane to compete for the million dollar prize money.

1/11Taylor Bloomfield from the Gold Coast, Nick Bartley from Brisbane and Kristen Oxenford from the Gold Coast (Image: Annette Dew)
2/11Ashley Henrickson from Bracken ridge and Aleesha Webster from Wishart. (Image: Annette Dew)
3/11Caroline Hook, Kristi Robinson, Erin-Lea Peters and Hannah Lee all from the Gold Coast. (Image: Annette Dew)
4/11Ebony Conroy from Morningside and Rohan Edwards from Brisbane. (Image: Annette Dew)
5/11Fiona Berger from Gladstone and Laura Messer from Brisbane. (Image: Annette Dew)
6/11Hannah Lee and Erin-Lea Peters all from the Gold Coast. (Image: Annette Dew)
7/11Janis Blackman from Townsville and Stacey Lui from Cairns. (Image: Annette Dew)
8/11Kerrie Ledu and Kelly O’Farrell from Kingaroy. (Image: Annette Dew)
9/11Patrick McCarthy from Innisfail and Brett Folder from Townsville. (Image: Annette Dew)
10/11Sophie Malouf from Coorparoo and Chantal Skulskyj from Camp Hill. (Image: Annette Dew)
11/11Valerie Porter from Harvey Bay and Victoria Berrignan from Brisbane (Image: Annette Dew)
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