Return to the Dirt Opening Night, Bille Brown Theatre

Queensland Theatre’s world premiere of Return to the Dirt by Steve Pirie opened to full houses and a standing ovation on 21 October.

1/20Lee Lewis and Shari Irwin (Image: Josh Woning)
2/20Natalie Callaghan and Mia McGavin (Image: Josh Woning)
3/20Ellee McClymont and Lachlan Airey (Image: Josh Woning)
4/20Jan Huggett and Jo Booth (Image: Josh Woning)
5/20Demi Kabaj and Jade Rodrigo (Image: Josh Woning)
6/20Kim and Scotty McDonald (Image: Josh Woning)
7/20Julian Starr, Matthew Erskine and Karleen Reinhardt (Image: Josh Woning)
8/20Merryn Csincsi and Jade Rodrigo (Image: Josh Woning)
9/20Meredith Walker and Mark Devamey (Image: Josh Woning)
10/20Stephanie Tudor and Sam Neill (Image: Josh Woning)
11/20Chanel Starr and Julian Starr (Image: Josh Woning)
12/20Shari Irwin and Ayreen Irwin (Image: Josh Woning)
13/20Paul and Michelle Beesley (Image: Josh Woning)
14/20Lucy Heathcote and Bailey Smart (Image: Josh Woning)
15/20Emily Gorman and Shan Creswick (Image: Josh Woning)
16/20Elise Lawrence and Laura Tanner (Image: Josh Woning)
17/20Yen-Rong Wong and Laura Elvery (Image: Josh Woning)
18/20Tess Callanan, Lucy Igoe and Genevieve Dennis (Image: Josh Woning)
19/20Miyuki Lotz and Steve Pirie (Image: Josh Woning)
20/20Sophie Cox and Mitchell Bourke (Image: Josh Woning)
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