A cracking good Reid: Learn the secret of croissant making with Lune’s new cookbook

If you’re a long-time reader of The Weekend Edition, you’ll likely already know how much we love a Lune croissant. We’re not alone – the croissanterie’s pastries are renowned the world over, hailed by many as some of the best in existence. Well, what if we told you that Lune was giving us carb cravers the secrets to its perfect pastry recipe? Not only that, the Lune team is also teaching us how to master some of its most adored special creations? No, Lune’s not offering a year-long intensive masterclass – it’s putting out a cook book! Lune founder Kate Reid has distilled all her tips and secrets into Croissants All Day, All Night – a compendium of recipes for everything from simple croissants to cruffins and escargot.

Oct 14, 2022, updated Oct 14, 2022

Kate Reid didn’t start her working life as a baker. Long before she was sheeting dough, Kate was trying to get the best out of Williams Formula 1 racing cars as an aerodynamicist. While the high-octane energy of the race track held a definite allure, the precision of pastry making proved to be Kate’s true calling. Soon she had swapped cars for croissants, snagging a spot at celebrated boulangerie Du Pain et Des Idées where she first learned the art of dough making.

Upon returning to Melbourne, Kate began reverse-engineering croissants, honing in on a recipe that would soon become Lune’s signature Zont – a piece of edible art beloved by thousands of viennoiseries purists. Now, a decade on from Lune’s founding, Kate is letting home bakers try their hand at making a Lune croissant with her new cookbook Croissants All Day, All Night – a chic tome that is filled with recipes for pastries, as well creative uses for said pasty.

Croissants All Day, All Night starts with a multi-stage recipe for creating raw pastry – a process that has been adapted from Lune’s space-age pastry prep kitchens and tweaked to suit a home kitchen. This recipe is detailed and intensive, with steps on finding the necessary ingredients and equipment, through how to make poolish (a type of liquid pre-ferment used to make bread and yeasted pastry) and croissant dough, as well as execute the lamination process. From here, you’ll be able to shape croissants, pain au chocolat, danishes kouign-amann and cruffins. Mission accomplished, right?

Well, if you want to take your newfound talent further, Kate has filled the latter half of Croissants All Day, All Night with recipes for specialised pastries, many of which have featured in Lune’s product range over the past decade. We’re talking recipes for cheese and Vegemite escargots, Lamington cruffinsfour-cheese torsades, tomato and taleggio danishes, fried-chicken croissants, pecan pie twice-baked croissants and chocolate-dipped croissant biscotti. If you’ve dreamed of being able to nail croissants, or have a die-hard dough lover in your life that would love to indulge their passions more, Croissants All Day, All Night is an essential cookbook to have on your shelf.

Croissants All Day, All Night, published by Hardie Grant, will be widely available from Wednesday November 2. You can preorder a copy now via the Hardie Grant website. Don’t want to wait to get your fix of Lune’s products? You can always get a pastry to go from Lune’s South Brisbane and Burnett Lane dispensaries!

This article was written by James Frostick at The Weekend Edition.

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