Will & Flow’s Longest Lunch, Will & Flow

200 guests attended the riverfront luncheon which extended along the north bank Riverwalk, hosted by Chandon.

1/9Allison Coleman and Michelle Dykes and Kirsten Wallis (Image: Jared Vethaak)
2/9Claudia Smith and Narelle Berry (Image: Jared Vethaak)
3/9Kendall Gilding (Image: Jared Vethaak)
4/9Kieran Ryan and Luke Serhan (Image: Jared Vethaak)
5/9Lauren and Mark Chisholm (Image: Jared Vethaak)
6/9Libby and Sarah Rutch (Image: Jared Vethaak)
7/9Monica Carr (Image: Jared Vethaak)
8/9Terri Smith and Dee Bolton (Image: Jared Vethaak)
9/9Tess Alexander and Christie Serhan (Image: Jared Vethaak)
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